CWA LOCAL 6215, Dallas, TX

Executive Vice President

Earnest Tilley, who began his career with AT&T in 1997, became a job steward in 1998 and then Chief Steward from 1999-2001 with Local 6151. From there he became Vice President of Local 6151 from 2001-2005. From 2005-2011 he became the Local President of the same Local. From there Local 6151 was merged with Local 6201 where he became a Chief Steward and later elected as Executive Board member. Earnest Tilley loves the political side of the CWA triangle and when his office moved back to Dallas and merged into CWA Local 6215.  Earnest was elected  Executive Vice President effective January 1, 2018.


Earnest Tilley is married to Georgina Tolliver and have 2 children, Trey Foster and Jaden Tilley  and 6 siblings! Tilley’s an active member in CBTU, APRI, Minority Caucus, Member of Dallas and Texas AFL-CIO, and Employee Pledge Campaign. He’s also a graduate of Minority Leadership graduate of 2008

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