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Reginald Small

Reginald Small, a native of Louisiana hired on at Pacific Bell Directory in San Francisco, California as a Revenue Analyst in October of 1990.  He relocated to Dallas and hired on with Southwestern Bell Telephone as a Service Representative in Select Business Accounts in downtown Dallas in June of 1997.  Reginald tested for the Communications Consultant position in 1999 and accepted a job offer in said title in January of 2000 in Major Accounts- now Government Education and Medical and hold this title to this day.  During his Bell/AT&T  employment, Reginald has always been a union member, and supports union fully.  He has always supported any effort to better the plight of mankind and working class people.  Known for possessing the ability to successfully fundraise for the right cause, he was solicited over the years to serve as the United Way Committee planner or Executive Solicitor.  Reginald has done this with much success in Jurisdiction 5 for many years.  He has a strong passion for helping the needy and downtrodden and was later appointed to Job Steward and later as the Local 6215 Community Service Chairperson.  In this capacity he naturally flourished, bring many new and fresh ideas to the local.  Reginald has also served as Committee on Equity Co-Chair and on the Legislative Committee.  In 2017, Reginald successfully sought the office of Secretary and is currently serving the 2021-2023 term.

In his free time, Reginald enjoys traveling, collects china and teapots from an era past, Happy "houring" with friends and spending time with family.  He believes in the blessing of considering the poor, the value of friendship, loving hard and living everyday to the fullest.