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AT&T To Remain Carrier of Last Resort in California

Last week, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a proposal rejecting AT&T’s request to withdraw as a Carrier of Last Resort in California.

CWA members vigorously opposed AT&T’s request, which could have left many areas of California without a landline voice service provider. Such a reduction in service would have put technician and customer service support jobs at risk. Members, retirees, and community supporters attended public forums and filed comments with the CPUC to voice their concerns.

“CWA welcomes CPUC’s continued commitment to ensuring that every Californian has access to affordable, reliable telecommunications service by dismissing AT&T’s attempt to cut service to our most vulnerable residents,” said CWA District 9 Vice President Frank Arce. “CWA members know that for many Californians, especially our elderly and rural residents, landline service remains the most reliable option. This was evident in over 5,000 public comments filed with the CPUC and in 5,800 individuals who attended the public hearings, the majority speaking in opposition to AT&T's request. CWA intends to participate in the proposed Committee of Last Resort rulemaking to ensure all Californians continue to have access to affordable and reliable telecommunications services.”


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