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CWA Local 4009 Members and Retirees Feed Children Home for Summer

In April, active members of CWA Local 4009 and members of the local’s Retirees Council joined forces to help feed children facing food insecurity. The local, based in the Metro Detroit area, is participating in a regional program designed to aid students who, outside of school, have little to no access to meals.

“For some of these kids,” said CWA Local 4009 Vice President Shawn Banks, “the only meals they’re gonna get are at school. So, during the summer months, they go hungry.”

Though the program is regional, members and retirees of CWA Local 4009 decided to reach out directly to a local school, Beech Elementary, which serves the same area where many members and retirees work and live. Said Banks, “We wanted to work directly with the school because this is where our members’ children and grandchildren live, where our neighbors are struggling.” Retirees are collecting food to deliver to the school, while workers collect food donations at their worksites.

Beech Elementary, headed by Principal Melissa Nickel, will deliver food to students across the district. “The food program,” said Principal Nickel, “has the potential to serve up to 1,500 food insecure children during the summer, both by food delivery and to students enrolled in summer school.” Beech Elementary is in a district with a high percentage of students who are low-income and in need of assistance.

“This is our first year participating in this food program,” continued Nickel, “so we’re very glad for community partners like Local 4009, who are willing to pitch in.”


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